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About Us

Our history, our passion to help others
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About Us

Formedical was founded in 1985 by Antonio Gualtieri to supply healthcare products.

The Calabrian company, born from the sacrifice and dedication of its director, has grown to become a reality of excellence rooted in the territory and projected to operate in the health sector to offer products, solutions and services of advanced technology and functionality.

Today, Formedical is a reference point in the sector in which it operates, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of its founder and all the staff who, with professionalism, passion and dedication, have made it possible to achieve important results and goals, staff who have faithfully grown and allowed the company to grow since its beginnings and who have never changed but only increased by adding key figures and specialists to achieve its objectives.

In 2005 Formedical became the author of the Gada Group, thanks to the experience gained over the years as MUltiratail, for the Gada Group Formedical represented a strategic company in order to establish the Gada Group on the national territory, an experience that was later extended to the international sphere that brought Formedical a wealth of global knowledge and a macro-cosmic vision of the reference market following the comparison with companies operating internationally.


Going the extra mile for our customers and partners by providing state-of-the-art medical solutions for the best patient care. Our tradition and honesty for over 40 years are the pillars of our business.


Consolidate our business offerings to become a leading company in medical solutions and hospital services with the best possible technology.

Our Strengths

Experienced Management

Specialist technicians for installation

Sales network rooted in the territory

Maintenance and support service, use of modern instruments and innovative technologies of medical equipment

Highly qualified product specialists

Qualified in-house staff

These are just some of the strengths that have enabled Formedical to establish itself as a leading company in the sector, responding promptly to changes in the market and to the needs of the public and private sectors, of individual users, patients, doctors, hospitals and all operators working in the health sector.

Formedical stands out for its proven ability to research in a highly competitive market, identifying quality products and innovative technologies to offer increasingly effective therapies and treatments, thereby bringing about a contingent improvement in patient care.

Formedical is a structured company and at the same time a large family characterised by a strong sense of belonging, passion and responsibility towards others and towards all the activities carried out in the service of a socially useful service such as healthcare.

Experience, Innovation and Quality of Services with the Formedical experience

An experienced management team, a well-established sales network, highly qualified product specialists, skilled technicians for installation, maintenance and software support services for biomedical equipment and a qualified in-house staff are some of the main strengths of Formedical Co. to respond promptly to the needs of patients, doctors, hospitals and our other stakeholders in the healthcare sector.